Products for Sensitive Skin

As you might have known I have sensitive/ oily skin, I have to be careful when I select any skincare products. I have added a new serum and a moisturizer to my daily skincare routine and I really like these products. I can feel that my skin is more moisturized, hydrated and I seldom get … Continue reading Products for Sensitive Skin


Innisfree Whitening Pore Line

I got these samples after purchasing new Innisfree products.  I started using the whitening pore facial cleanser, whitening pore skin and whitening pore cream a few times the past week and here is how I feel. I feel that my skin is very refreshed and moisturized after using it. Secondly, it does improve my skin … Continue reading Innisfree Whitening Pore Line

Review: Skin Food Parsley & Mandarin Series

Since I have very troubled skin, I tend to choose products that has labels such as "for trouble skin" or "for sensitive skin". One of the products that I have been using for years and works extremely well for my face is Skin Food's Parsley and Mandarin series. I used their facial cleanser and essence … Continue reading Review: Skin Food Parsley & Mandarin Series

My 6 Step Morning Skincare Routine

Good evening lovelies! I am back with another post. This time, I will be sharing with you my skincare routine in the morning. Do note that everyone will have differing skin care routine and preferences. However, it is important to find out your skin type and what is suitable for you. Cleanse: Before I get … Continue reading My 6 Step Morning Skincare Routine