Kose Japan VISEE Shimmer Rich Eyes

visee (front)

Sorry I haven’t been updating much! I am doing my best and I hope anyone who reads will understand! This post will be on VISEE Shimmer Rich Eyes by Kose Japan. I am using shade PK-4 and I think this eyeshadow palette is very similar to the Kate Tokyo Br-3 Sepia eyeshadow. Firstly, this is also very light weight and compact so I think it is extremely suitable for travelling and for work. Secondly, this palette also has 4 colours and the colours are towards pinkish and brown tones which are pretty similar to the Kate Tokyo Br-3 Sepia as well. Next, this palette is also much affordable than other eyeshadows and can be found in drugstores.  Like Kate Tokyo Br-3 Sepia eyeshadow , I realize that this brand is also not talked about much like other popular brands. This is simple and easy to use and I would recommend it!


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