I hope you guys have a great start this month! I know I haven’t been updating this space but fret not because I am back!

2017 was the year that I started this space. My intention was to create a space where I can blog about my beauty products. It took me awhile before I started to venture into Fashion, Lifestyle and Travel. I have learnt that in order to make this blog better, and interesting, I began to venture into design and I started trying out more new beauty products. During that time, I was pushing myself and trying things that are new which will then allow me to gather more insights. After doing this, I realized that I  had more things to share with you all and I was becoming more creative! In addition, I have also learnt that only way to grow is to keep trying and when I fail, I must learn from my mistakes and make sure I don’t repeat them again. So what’s for 2018? I hope that this space will continue to inspire women and help you feel more confident. I will include more new beauty products that I feel that is worth trying and I would continue to share them. Products that I share may not necessarily be popular or highly recommended by the mass but it must something that works for me. Since I didn’t do much on Fashion, Lifestyle and Travel, this year I would be covering more on these areas as well. Before I end this post, I hope 2018 would be a fruitful and the better year for everyone and I wish you all the best!


Hui Min

** Featured Image from Canva


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