What to do when you have no idea what to wear

Hi folks! I am sure you have days where you really don’t know what to wear! Here is my own tip and some inspirations that I have gathered that can help you prepare for the day when you can’t decide your outfit.

I personally gravitate towards casual and street style for my daily look (especially when I am feeling lazy). Here are some items that are good to invest in.

White sneakers

You can’t go wrong with sneakers! White sneakers can elevate your look instantly make you effortlessly cool. Of course, other colours can also bring up your look. But sneakers are so comfortable and yet stylish 😀


Basic shirt

Don’t know what to wear? Go for basics. I am sure you have heard of the phrase “Less is more”. Sometimes, this is true when you are looking for tops that are easy to match for your overall outfit. What I like about basics is that simple to match especially when you are rushing for the day.



I can’t emphasize enough how accessories play a part in lifting your look. Put on some necklaces and rings and it will easily glam up your look! In the past, I tend to forgo this step but after I accessorize, I realized the importance of adding them to your outfit! You should try this out!


For accessories, I find that chokers can help elevate the look. Chokers go well with many outfits as they are easy to match but can glam up your look easily.



Brown eyeshadow

Not sure what make up to wear? Just go for something neutral. Good to invest in brown shades eyeshadow and a little goes a long way!

kate tokyo B3.jpg

Get your Inspirational from Fashion Influencers

Using Instagram, if you noticed some pictures of fashion influencers that you really like, save it using the “Save” feature. Once you lack ideas, look at the photos you have saved and I am sure you will be able to get some ideas from there! Here is how it looks like if you save photos (taken from my Instagram & I love these influencers btw):


There you have it. These are some tips for you if you are unsure what to wear! Love to hear from you guys as well!

*Credits to Google Images (Sneakers, chokers and eyeshadow palette)



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