Fashion Glossary

Every wondered what people are saying about oh these “XXX” is amazing or “XXX” is trending right now? Well, I understand the struggle especially for someone who does not follow on trends and only focus on basics. Fret not, this post will be a glossary of the fashion pieces one will often hear about.

Fashion Glossary 2.png

1. Culotte

This pants is wide at the bottom and it is suitable for both casual and formal events.  What I like about culottes is that it is comfy and it can make you look classy at the same time.

2. Pencil Skirt

Very suitable for work and formal events. Match with any blouse and you are good to go.

3. Ruffle  

Ruffles are anything that has frills and pleats. To match the top above, just pair it with a white tight jeans and you will look amazing.


Fashion Glossary 3.png

4. Off shoulder

Very trendy right now and you get to show off your collar bone. Remember to match it with a necklace for the extra glam!

5. Body Con

Body Con dresses are usually very tight fitting and you get to show off your curves. Good for dating, dinner and formal occasions.

6. Wrap Dress

Wrap dress is one of the dresses that goes with any occasion. Whether it is a formal event or just a causal dinner, you can’t go wrong with a wrap dress.

7. A Line Dress

A line dresses makes your waist look slim.  If you look closely, it makes your body look like an letter A. Suitable for work and casual events.

8. Turtleneck

This will make on people focus on your neck area. When you are wearing turtleneck top, you don’t have to wear necklace. As for your hair, you can try to tie your hair into a bun.


The above are some recommendations on how the styling should goes. Remember, fashion isn’t a hard and strict rule where you have to follow. Just pair it however you like and remember to have fun! 🙂


All the above images are taken from Google Images.



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