What’s in my bag?

Hey All! Here is a post where I will list down things that I bring almost everyday.


I am currently using marc by marc jacobs where I put all my cards, notes and coins. It comes with a satchel and it becomes very handy especially if you are carrying loads of stuff.


Using iPhone and I get my iPhone casing from TaoBao because they cute and cheap.

Water Bottle

I realize that there are certain people who do not carry a water bottle. Personally, it is important to keep yourself hydrated and I would highly recommend one to bring it.


I bring my laptop along everyday for work purposes. I invest in a backpack that can allow me to put my laptop without the need to carry a case around.


For lipstick, I usually bring along 1 lip bulm and 1 colored lipstick whenever I need to use for touch up. I tend to keep thing simple and sometimes I leave out the house without any makeup on.

Eyebrow pencil

I am currently using etude house eyebrow pencil and I super love it. It’s cheap and it matches my hair color extremely well.


Yes. I still bring my umbrella around simply because you will never know when it will rain!

That’s all I bring in my bag!  Leave down in the comments section below on what you want me to post! XOXO


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