Good Shoes to Invest

Ever look at someone who collects lots of shoes? Well, I know I am not one of them. 🙂 However, remember the good old phrase “good shoes can bring you to good places”? Even though I don’t have lots of shoes myself, I do observe and I have picked out some good to have shoes in every girls wardrobe.

Colored Heels

Having black colored clothes is cool and classy. But, too much of them in your wardrobe can be boring. You might want to include heels with bright colors in your wardrobe to spice up your look.


Nothing goes wrong with sneakers. Invest in good ones and it saves you from sore feet!

Red Heels

Red heels are good invest. I do see ladies paired them with red dresses and they look extremely hot! Great for work and social events!

White Sneakers

White sneakers trend is still going strong and I personally bought 1 white sneakers for myself because it goes with any outfit! Comfortable yet stylish I would say!

Sandal Heels

I personally have one pair of sandal heels and I never regret purchasing it. These heels won’t go wrong with any outfit. Make sure you remember to put on pedicure because your toes are exposed!

Image credits: All Images are taken from Google Images

  1. Zara Colorblock Sandal Heels
  2. Silver Flat Slip on Sneakers
  3. Zara Vinyl Red Court Shoes
  4. White Sneakers
  5. Bershka Sandal Heels


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