How to pack light for travelling?

I am back with another post! Thought I might share some tips I have acquired when I was travelling. Hope this will help you while you are packing for your holiday. 🙂

Use samples

One tip that I learnt when I travel is the importance of collecting samples. Whenever you purchase any skin care products at comestic stores, they will usually provide you samples. These samples will definitely come in handy when you are travelling because they are light weight.

Invest in a good eyeshadow palette

Instead of packing multiple eyeshadow palette, it would be good invest in 1 that has all the colours that you need. Or, you can pack a few small/ light weight eyeshadow palettes if you want variety.

Invest in light weight clothes

If I am travelling to places that has hot weather, I would definitely bring along light-weighted clothes like spaghetti strap summer dress, t-shirts and shorts. Based on my experiences, it does help reduce the weight of luggage and they take up lesser space as compared to heavy denim jackets and jeans.

Wear sneakers because it is good for travelling

I think sneakers are essentials especially travelling requires one to walk long distances. Don’t get me wrong because I love heels and sandals. However, I think sneakers are comfortable and stylish which is important when you are travelling.

Bring a few sheets of Masks

I realize that travelling does affect my skin. Depending on your length of travel, you should bring a few sheets of masks to hydrate and moisturize your skin especially after travelling for a few days.

Image credits

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