SHISEIDO: Fino Premium Touch Hair Mask

Hi girls!

I am sorry for not posting and updating this blog for such a long time! During this period of time, I needed a break for a short while and had to stop blogging. For this month, I have tried new products and I will continue to share some interesting reviews and insights that I have gathered.

This month, I purchased a hair mask Fino Premium Touch by SHISEIDO and I really like it a lot.  What I did was I applied the product on my hair after using shampoo and hair conditioner. Next, I will leave this product on my hair for a few minutes then rinse it off with water. What I like about this hair mask is that it makes my hair a lot smoother and combing my hair is made easier! Hence, I really did not regret purchasing this hair mask! If you encounter issues where your hair will tangle when its wet and or it is hard to brush/ comb your hair, this product will be essential and useful. I personally feel that it is worth trying and I highly recommend it.


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