Makeup Removers

Previously, I only used oil based makeup remover (not even cleansing wipes and cleansing milk). Now, I started to attempt removing makeup using micellar water since everyone is raving about it. Many sources say that cleansing oil would not be most suitable solution for sensitive skin. I decided to give it a try and test to find out if this is true. If you haven’t read my post on why I don’t use foundations daily, The Truth About Why I Don’t Use Foundation please do so by clicking on the link. Previously, I do not use sunblock and only used foundation once in awhile. Hence, my makeup removers can be used for a longer period of time simply because I did not use it frequently.

For oil-based remover, I will put 2 pumps on my hand and will rub it on my face. I rinse off the makeup remover using water. Then, I will use a facial cleanser twice to ensure that my face does not feel oily after using the makeup remover.

Now, I started using micellar water and this is how I remove my makeup. Wet the cotton sheets using the micellar water and then gently wipe off my makeup. Then, cleanse my face using a facial cleanser.

Review: I find that micellar water is gentle on my skin but it doesn’t remove my makeup as effectively as oil based makeup removers. What I did to curb the issue is to use the product and cotton sheets more to wipe off the remaining makeup instead. However, I like that micellar water is more gentle on my skin than oil based removers. Overall, both cleansing oil and micellar water works well on my skin and have different advantages.

The oil based makeup remover that I used was Shu Uemura’s High Performance Cleansing Oil – Classic 150ml (picture below). I really like that it can remove makeup well even though it is slightly pricey. Again, it lasted me awhile because I did not use it frequently.

shu uemura cleansing oil

For micellar water, I am using the Nivea’s White Oil Control Makeup Clear Micellar Water (picture below). It is not expensive and I am currently using this everyday.



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