How to get ready faster in the morning?

Hello everybody! I’m back with another interesting post on how to get ready faster in the morning! As sleep is precious, I would prefer to sleep more and have a fast morning routine. This post will be my based on my experience and even though you may have known it/ seen it, these tips will definitely help you reduce time taken to get ready in the morning!

Plan Ahead & Prepare . I am sure many of you know about this tip. I personally think this saves a lot of time for those of you who are fickle minded. Choose what you are going to wear the night before. The dress you going to wear, the type of makeup you will be using, shoes to wear and etc. Furthermore, you need to know where to get these items. If you have too much stuff in your room, I would strongly suggest to place everything near you so that you can take them easily.  Knowing what to do and having the items ready makes it a lot quicker to get ready. You don’t want to end up fumbling your way to find your items and or panicking if you can’t find them. I realise that when you change your bag, there is a tendency to forget some items. I would suggest not to do this early in the morning when you are rushing. You should plan and prepare the night before you go to bed.

Experiment Takes Time. If you want to go for a new makeup look, you should always experiment it earlier or any other time. Firstly, when you are experimenting a new makeup look, you will bound to face unfamiliarity. Once there is unfamiliarity, it takes more time! Secondly, the probability of getting the makeup look you want is only 0.5. There is a chance you might not be satisfied with your look. If you fail, you will need to re-apply your makeup and it takes up even more time! You don’t want to end up wasting your time and rushing your morning routine!

Identify your bottlenecks. Bottlenecks may differ from different individuals. Some of my bottlenecks are applying eyeshadows, eyeliner and filling in my brows. Knowing that these areas are more time consuming, I would make sure I find ways to cut down the time taken. For example, I realise that applying eyeshadows would require me to use different brushes. Changing brushes takes time. Hence, instead of using makeup brushes, I would use my ring finger to apply some of the eyeshadows on my eyelids.

These are some tips I can give to you all who wish to sleep more like me! Hope you enjoyed reading this post!



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