Etude House Drawing Show Brush Liner

What’s up guys! I’m back and will be giving you a short review on this eyeliner by Etude House. Personally, I feel that this eyeliner is underrated and I absolutely love it. I have used another eyeliner previously and it always smudge after a few hours. Hence, I decided to switch back to use this eyeliner again and I begin to realise how I do not need to worry about whether it will wear off if I am out for the entire day. It still works well even though this is not a waterproof liner!  I bought both brown and black liner and I will switch it up depending on my outfit. For brown liner, I will use it when I am going for softer and natural look. I use these eyeliners everyday and I also like that the thickness of the eyeliner is just right for me. Some eyeliners may work well for you and some don’t. However, this brush liner from Etude House sure works well for me! 😀


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