Makeup Review: Too Faced Chocolate Bar

This palette has many YouTubers raving and saying how they “LOVED” this palette. However, this will be MY honest opinion about this palette.

My first impression of this palette : I like the smell but I was confuse how I should use it. I like the chocolate bar design and it smells like chocolate. However, if you look at the shades, there are so many brown shades which made me unsure what are the transition colours, base colours and etc. Unlike the Kate Tokyo palette, (if you haven’t read the post, you can click on the link to see how the palette looks like) you can see that the eyeshadows comes in light to dark shades. As for this Too Faced eyeshadow, it is sightly different. However, this problem can be solved by watching YouTube videos. I was watching videos and I honestly like how I can use any shade to blend with each other.

Application: The eyeshadows are super pigmented. When I applied it once, I realised it was so pigmented. For other eyeshadows that I have used before, I would need to put 2-3 coats and it will still not be as pigmented as this one. One day, I applied it during the day and my friend asked me “Are you going out during the night? It looks smokey”. This palette is good if you are going for night events and if you are going for a smokey look. Secondly, I love brown shades because neutral shades suits almost any outfit and anyone!

Overall, this is a good palette that I really like. It will be hard for beginners to use because there are too many shades and you wouldn’t know where to begin. Once you are used to putting makeup, this palette would be useful and fun for you to experiment different looks.

Leave a comment on what are your favorite eyeshadow palette from Sephora and I would love to hear them from you!


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