My Obsession with Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings are simple and super easy to match. It matches almost any outfit and they can definitely glam up your look effortlessly. As for the colours of the hoop earrings, I do not have any preferences but I will look at my outfit and determine if I should put on Gold, silver or rose gold. For the size, I believe that the sizes I use are medium sized. which is approximately 30mm & 40mm.  Until today, I have yet to try large sized earrings hence, I can’t give you guys advice on that.

The picture above I posted is from Lovisa. I like that they have wide range of accessories that are affordable and still elegant. Do take note that the earrings in the picture above are not lightweight. Personally, I would strongly prefer to go for earrings that are lightweight.

Normally, I will wear hoop earrings when I am going for a casual look or if I am hanging out with my friends. I really like how it can change my look and would love to try on other Lovisa accessories. 😀

What are your favorite accessories? Are you like me who loves hoop earrings? Leave me comment down below and I would love to see them! XoXo.


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