2017 Goals & Plans or Forgotten?

How many of you still remember how much you yearned 2016 to be over and on the last few days of Dec 2016, you painstakingly started to jot down your 2017 “goals”? I am sure some of you even invest in a journal hoping that you can write down all your targets and inspirations. Well, if you look at the calendar, it is June 2017. How well did you go? Are you still working towards your goals or have you give up? At least for me, I do have a plan and I am constantly reviewing them. Here are some of the insights I have learnt that I thought it would be interesting.

  1. Have Motivation: Don’t just write for the sake of writing. If you plan to go and exercise and have a workout routine, then do it!
  2. Stop comparing: Everyone wants different things in life. So stop comparing and don’t feel guilty if you have different goals from the others.
  3. Always review your goals: To be honest, I never wanted to continue this blog during Dec 2016. I only started wanting to blog again last month. This means that your goals will change and it is good to ask yourself what you want over and over again.

Here are some easy tips I thought it would good to share and I am sure many of you have better tips than me! Please share with me so that I can learn more from you! Have fun reaching towards your goals and good luck!

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