KATE Tokyo brown shade eyes

Hi everyone! I am going to give a review on this eyeshadow by KATE Tokyo. I realised that this brand is not featured as much as compared to others. I hope this would be an informational blog. Please follow and comment on this blog if you and let me know what you want me to blog about!


Let’s talk about this eye shadow. This is my is like my everyday go to eyeshadow. It has many shades and I am using the shade BR-3 Sepia.  It is small and compact. You can put this in your bag and it is super light weight! I basically use the first two shades most of the time. When I apply the shades on my eyes, it looks pinkish brown and neutral shades are the shades to use as you do not have to worry about colour combinations. This is super easy to use. I normally use the first shade for my base colour. As for second colour, I placed it at the outer v- of my eyes. Simple!

This eyeshadow is affordable and it can be found in the drugstore. Do check it out!


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