What am I up to?

By now you should know that I am not a "full" time blogger. As you guys know I am a student and I am busy with my student life. However, this does not mean that I am going to neglect this space. I hope that you all will understand that it may be hard to … Continue reading What am I up to?


Etude House Drawing Show Brush Liner

What's up guys! I'm back and will be giving you a short review on this eyeliner by Etude House. Personally, I feel that this eyeliner is underrated and I absolutely love it. I have used another eyeliner previously and it always smudge after a few hours. Hence, I decided to switch back to use this … Continue reading Etude House Drawing Show Brush Liner

Makeup Review: Too Faced Chocolate Bar

This palette has many YouTubers raving and saying how they "LOVED" this palette. However, this will be MY┬áhonest opinion about this palette. My first impression of this palette : I like the smell but I was confuse how I should use it. I like the chocolate bar design and it smells like chocolate. However, if … Continue reading Makeup Review: Too Faced Chocolate Bar

My Obsession with Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings are simple and super easy to match. It matches almost any outfit and they can definitely glam up your look effortlessly. As for the colours of the hoop earrings, I do not have any preferences but I will look at my outfit and determine if I should put on Gold, silver or rose … Continue reading My Obsession with Hoop Earrings

The Truth About Why I Don’t Use Foundation

Today I am going to talk about why I don't use foundation, CC and BB cream most of the time. However, there are some important occasions like weddings and new year celebrations and I will still have foundation on and go with the full makeup look. ┬áTo be honest, I felt like posting this post … Continue reading The Truth About Why I Don’t Use Foundation