Innisfree Masks

I usually use skin mask my every 1-2 weeks. This mask comes in a lot of variations and I have personally used aloe, cucumber, green tea, honey and pomegranate. There are so many other variations that I have yet to try but here is the review for the Innisfree masks I have used.

Innisfree masks works very well for me and I my skin feels better after using the masks. Each mask costs $2 and the price is fairly reasonable as compared to other masks.  In addition, whenever I put on the mask, I can still do my work at the same time and the mask still manages to stay put on my face without slipping off. Even if you are busy, you can do your work without having the need to lay down on your bed and wait for time to pass by. Usually, I will put it on for 15 mins and I will go to bed immediately. It is extremely easy to use and I would recommend people to use this mask.

To those of you who have yet to try them, I suggest that you buy a few masks first to try it out and see if it works on your skin before making big purchases. Hope you enjoyed this post and do leave a comment if you have any other recommendations!


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